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Logan 18th January 2007 03:21 PM

Free Marketing Seminars & Help
Earlier today I registered for Chris Sherman's webcast next week about social search marketing.

Social Search: New Marketing Opportunities
Thursday, January 25, 2007 1:00 PM EST (6:00 PM GMT)
Speaker: Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land

Out of curiousity, I started checking out what other free marketing help was being provided online via webcasts, seminars and ebooks and came across a few others that I can throw out but haven't tried yet.

Free Daily Media Training From PR Web

Adwords Seminars For Success

ClickTracks Web Marketing Seminars

And of course there is our own Jenn's free ebook which I am familiar with and do recommend.

Zero Dollars, a Little Talent and Thirty Days

What experiences do you have with these webcast seminars, or can you add any to the list? Just a big sales pitch cloaked in education or well worth the time? Also, for those that have never tried and don't plan on - I'm curious why not as they are free.

jvance 18th January 2007 04:10 PM

Thanks for the links Logan! :thumbsup2

I went last week to Measuring Search Success 2007 - hosted by Chris and sponsored by ClickTracks. I have since registered for the next couple of months to log on to their seminars. IMO, I found the webcast very informative. This is a topic that I am working to expand my knowledge on (web analytics).

I have read Zero Dollars, a Little Talent and Thirty Days, and also found that very interesting.

Some of the content is basic at these free webcasts, and some of it I find more challenging. No matter where my knowledge level is at, I do find that I come away with a tip or two that I can use or store away for when I do need it.

I will be checking out the others that you mentioned (PRweb for sure, as I just posted a question about it in this forum).

I am also a big fan of webmaster radio . I listen to their various shows while I am in the office, or I download the episodes to my iPod for when I am at the gym or on the road.

Logan 31st January 2007 10:40 AM

Another webinar that was mentioned by Diana in thread

Yahoo Upgrade Your Account

Logan 19th February 2007 08:24 PM

A couple more to add ....

Marketingprofs Seminars mentioned by khalidh

And then also, if you missed the Social Search one mentioned above or any of the other webcasts from Search Marketing Now ... they now have archives available so you can view the full presentations
Online Publicity and Link-Building 2007
Social Search: New Marketing Opportunities
Measuring Search Success
How to Find the Right Search Marketing Partner

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