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sannwood 20th January 2007 02:31 PM

Pet Industry Trends In 2007
Anita recently created a post at the smallbiztrends site regarding pet industry trends for upcoming year. There are eleven trends posted.

I am particularly fascinated by the growing interest in pet healthcare, and the fact that you are now actually able to purchase healthcare insurance for your pets to cover vaccinations, office visits, testing and surgery. Out of these eleven trends, that seems to be the one that would be most appealing to me.

My second choice would be the acceptance of pet friendly environments. Hotels, campgrounds, and shopping centers are now beginning to accept the fact that our pets are a very important part of our everyday lives. I'm excited about this recent trend and have already benefited from it. I was able to include my dog in my vacation last year as we were able to locate a pet friendly rental property for the week where he was able to join in on the family fun. It really made the vacation special.

I know many of our listeners and readers are pet owners as well. Can you tell me a bit about your pets and which of these trends you are most excited about? Which of these trends really appeals to you as a pet owner? Have you made use of any of these recent trends? Are any of you currently involved in the pet industry as a small business owner?

Also, feel free to post your pets photo on The Small Business Ideas Forum! :dog:

jaairey 21st January 2007 04:54 PM

Of the trends, here are two, that I see as having significant growth.

One is low calorie and restricted diet treats/snacks. With the rapidly increasing number of pets that are overweight the low cal treat business has to be booming. Additionally, as with humans it seems that more and more dogs are being diagnosed with allergies and other problems requiring restricted diets, eg wheat-free. Also supplements such as glucosamine are a growth industry.

Second is the trend for pet physiotherapy. For instance, dogs with joint problems such as arthritis, healing from injuries etc are now being referred to specialist physiotherapists. There are heat treatments, therapies in pools, massage and all sorts. I have no idea what setting up in this type of business would entail (what a pun!). The one pet physiotherapist I have heard about, is recommended by lots of vets to owners for pets who would benefit from therapy, and does a really good business.

Judith, owner of HANK - canine vacuum cleaner and coyote chaser
---Guarantee - all visited areas will be free of coyotes and every last crumb

sannwood 24th January 2007 03:44 PM

Jaairey, thank you for your input. I would imagine that there are many pets that could benefit from physiotherapy, and I could see that it would be a successful business, indeed.

Regarding the treats and snacks, I agree. Recently, I have scouted out organic dog food for my dog that was free of most of the by-products and corn meal. The demand for items such as this are definitely increasing and there is a lot of "chatter" on the Internet pet forums with regards to that as well.

Love your little sweetie pictured! Thanks for sharing!

SportsGuy 25th January 2007 01:16 PM

One clear trend I see is my dogs eating more and me needing sturdier poop-scoops. ;) Icey poopsicles and crappy plastic = more trips to the store for more crappy crap-scoopers for the dog run... :(

Seriously, I read some stats last year that said basically, that in 2006, people would spend about $3.2 billion on their kids in North America during 2006...and roughly $5.1 billion on their pets.

I know there is simply nothing that would stop me from spending (fill in the blank) on my dogs if they needed it.

Pet insurance has been around for a while now. I'm starting to see the "cremated with you" and "buy a plot for Spot" type campaigns surfacing again at the local shops and vet. (Whatever happened to burial out by the old oak tree they used to pee on every morning?)

One of the benefit plan options available through my wife's plan administration company now allows "Pet Benefits" to be included with your own benefits plan at work - they didn't take this option as part of their mix, but the bottom line is the provision is there.

Same-sex partnerships have long suffered when it comes to spousal benefits, yet relatively quickly the companies offering coverage are exploiting our desire to "cover" our pets... (not intended to spark a political debate - just saying it's a sad fact).

I think this type of coverage is limited to only cats and dogs right now, but man, it makes me laugh when I think that someday that Malibu Rum commercial might have merit - "My feesh is sick..." *as the man strokes his "trout/sea bass while sitting on the bus...*

Doggie massage - this falls into the manicure/pedicure fold for me - they're dogs, not people - yet, this end of the industry will grow and flourish - heaven forbid an owner actually give their own dog a rub-down...

What I'd like to see emerge as a trend in this industry is a crack-down on the crap chain stores purporting to be Pet Shops. I have a local Pets Unlimited, and other than buying food for one of my furry-crap-machines there, I avoid it completely.

Those stores are completely devoid of actual on-the-floor knowledge of the products they sell, or of the animals they sell. The prices for their dogs are shockingly inflated, yet every week I meet someone who just got the cutest beag-a-lab-a-doodle "purebred" there for $1600 - what a bargain!

Standards - there's a trend that should show up - enforced standards.

Other than that, we'll all still happily pay $15 for a dog toy "designed" to last "tough chewers" for "months", yet somehow my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Diva, pictured to the left) can show me "bits" of said toy before the last log dies in the fireplace the same evening. What the heck are they evaluating these products with? Sock puppets?

Naturally, the next day, I'm back at the local shop (not PU) buying a replacement that I vowed to "watch her with..."...LOL

Whatever, she's my gal - nothing it too good.

Wow - I think I went more off-topic there than a kilt at a fashion show...*sorry*

Anita 27th January 2007 07:35 PM

Pet Dental Care is Big
Laura mentions in the pet trends article about pet owners wanting the same healthcare for their pets as they have for themselves.

That seems to be true also for dental care. Every time I go to the vets, I see all these pet toothbrushes. The vet is always pushing tooth cleanings, and so on. I even have seen doggie breath fresheners.

Of course, I'm afraid that if I put my fingers in Sparky's mouth I'd never get them out again -- at least not in one piece.

sannwood 29th January 2007 02:37 PM

I just watched a program over the weekend where a gentleman who was handy with tools built a tiny wooden casket for his wife's cat that had passed. Several months later, his mother's cat passed and he built yet another one for her. This time, it was a bit fancier.

He padded the inside and covered it with satin and stained the exterior and beveled the edges. Soon, others were requesting the same from him and before you know it - he quit his job and now runs an online website selling custom made pet caskets.

His business is booming.

Anita, I agree with you about the pet tooth brushes, etc. I have seen toothpaste now that is meat flavored for dogs. I, too, wonder how pet owners are able to perform these tasks, however, possibly having an uncooperative pet!

EJMalyn 17th May 2007 09:37 PM

The Pet Resorts are what really excites me, as well as puts any pet owner's mind at peace just knowing that your pet is being well taken care of. The Resort I use provides 24hrVet care if needed ( hopefully not). Music therapy,aromatherapy, nature walks, swimming and let"s not forget a good body massages. Just don't be too upset if they don't want to go home with you when you go to pick them up. A good Pet Resort is well worth the price for your very best friend.:dog:

stillwagon428 21st May 2007 09:59 AM

I agree that pet supplies are a growing trend. I can't believe how many people are dressing their dogs now. As for pet strollers, I think that is too weird. Not only are people getting lazier but now our dogs can't even walk?

I have to admit that I brush my dogs teeth. I have been doing it for years, so he is used to it. I do it about once a month when I cut his nails & clean his ears. I also have a tarter scraper that I use. It is similar to the metal tooth picks that a dentist uses. When his breath gets foul, I know I need to get in there & scrape off tarter. It makes a huge difference once the tarter is gone.

broadwaybones 2nd July 2007 09:23 PM

Here we come!
I am encouraged by the remarks I am seeing. We have been in business for almost a year. Our company,Broadway Bones, Inc. started as a charity fund raiser that our 10 year old daughter was working on. I made a suggestion to her that see would improve her charity collection if she gave away dog treats after her dog wash.
Upon reviewing dog treat recipes on line we was greatly disturbed by what we were reading! We knew that certain foods were believed to be better than others, but we had no idea how bad the foods and treats really were! We were now on a mission! After all, we as a family will only eat organic or all natural foods. Why should our pets be thought of any differently? We spent four months reading up on canine nutrition and speaking with local vets.
We have five flavors of treats that we worked on. Our top two sellers we are looking to bring to the market. Our treats are low calorie, fast burning, no added sugars, salts, or chemicals. I look forward to the day we are on the local shelves.
Our company is bound and determined to make a difference in how people "treat" their dogs by educating them on canine nutrition. We look forward to working with canine charities that are trying to find a cure for canine cancer. We also believe in the efforts to support the medical needs patients with service dogs. One company can make a difference! :imnew1:

sannwood 7th July 2007 11:32 AM

Broadwaybones. . .I've checked out your site and it's very nice. Your products look to be of high quality as well. Much luck to you in your new venture - I'm sure you'll get rave reviews from many furry friends out there!

Thanks for your contribution here on the forum :wave2:

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