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esearing 21st January 2007 07:35 AM

Experiment Amazon A-stores
inspired by the 30-days + no money series, I created an Amazon clothing shop. I finally had some decent sales last quarter which has inspired me to create an additional site. This time, I am testing out the Amazon A-store with the theme of web development and design books. The a-stores are easier to build than the associate-o-matic product I have been using but I am not sure that the search engines will crawl them the same way. I definitely got 90% of my sales last quarter from search engine queries.

I have opened both a US amazon a-store as well as a UK store. I added a blog for doing book reviews and to post related info.

the A-stores were free. I purchased the domain name for $6.95 and pointed it to a sub directory on my main site. If this works I should be able to replicate it for other topics.

Has anyone else here tried the a-stores? If so, did you implement it as part of a larger site and did you generate sales?

kanjigirl 21st January 2007 02:00 PM

I too just set up an aStore bookstore on my blog, just a few days ago, so I don't know if it will actually make any money but it's a neat way for me to present my favorite books themed to my blog.


cube3 8th February 2007 05:13 AM

A-store sells any other stuffs beside books only?

SportsGuy 8th February 2007 07:21 AM

I have one running within my main website. It's on-topic and has a large selection of products available.

It's been up since day one when Amazon announced the A-stores.

I have an animated button on every page of my sites labeled with a popular phrase to entice users to click and visit the store. The store itself resides within one of my pages and has the look and feel of the website.

As for performance, well, it's done pretty much zero over the last few months. Not sure if I'm promoting it the right way, or if there's too much being shown to users when they get there, or I"m off the mark on the products on the main page - could be any number of things.

I have thought about ditching the store completely, but it's a resource for users - that's how I see it. And if even a few folks visit it, see something they like and it gets them onto something they wanted, it's worthwhile. Sales or not, I see it as one more things my site offers a user.

...though it would be nice if it actually generated some revenue. I'm going to explore things a bit more in the spring as I'm pushing 100,000 visits a month now, so surely there's a way to translate some of that into sales... :)

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