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Its an interesting article/topic to me. Over the years I have encountered many ugly sites.... and yes I have been truly amazed by some conversions of some very 'poor' sites based on typical standards. I think the article does a good job, as it identifies that there are factors such as 'trust' and 'functionality' that are important with these ugly sites that work. To me, that hits the spot. Its not about the site being ugly or not - a site can be 'not ugly' and still convey trust and provide functionality for the user. While ugly sites can do good, good looking sites or ugly sites just don't perform if they don't provide the trust and functionality part. That's the crux to me, and not the 'ugly' quality specifically.... although that may send a message/play a role with trust and functionality.

By the way david ... good work on that project. I believe you regarding the endless permutations of shoes

One scenario I encounterd was a very successful client site. They had a great looking site that converted like wild fire. Sales were booming and they wanted to move in the direction of establishing an additional separate website presence. Our goal? Serious - Create an ugly site to compliment the other. It worked.... but I have to admit it can be difficult to try to create an ugly site if you working with a designer who takes a lot of pride in their work. He was told after the first mock up it wasn't ugly enough ... and that progressed throughout development - it was a bit strange.

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