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I would be glad to help you any way I can.

Here are some start up ideas for you that will keep you busy for awhile.

1.Plan your menu (no need to cost it out yet-just write down everything you want to serve.
2.Write down every piece of equipment you will need to get started.
Make one sheet for kitchen equipment.
Make one sheet for dining room equipment.
For this, you will need to know approximately how large a place you will have. Count every table, every chair, every piece of silverware, don't forget things like sugar holders, salt and pepper shakers, waitress serving trays, ash trays, every knife, spoon and spatula you may need. If you are going to have 30 seats in your restaurant you will need approximately 45 place settings (truthfully, I like to double the amount). Don't forget glasses and coffee cups. It's easy to think of the big things: stoves, refrigerators, ice machine, freezers...but sometimes you forget the small stuff. Your menu has been think about every item on it. What will you reach for to make every one? A pot? A spoon? What is needed to get it to the table? A plate, a cart, a serving tray? What will the customer ask for when it is served to them?
3. Make another list of every paper good you can think of that you will use. To go cups? To go boxes? Napkins? Plastic silverware? Toilet paper, hand towels.
4. Make a list of every item you will need to clean with. Don't forget towels, soaps, bleach, floor supplies, vacuum cleaner if needed.
5. Make a list of every "condiment" you will need. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, steak sauce, creamers, sweet and low.
6.Make a list if every expense you can think of. Postage, bookkeeping cost, tickets for the customer, exterminating costs, licenses, payroll, payroll taxes,
banking expenses, lease, utilities, insurance.
7. Now begin pricing every item above. Look on the internet to find approximate prices for used equipment versus new, or ask your family to help.

If you get through this much....I will be proud of you! If you have any questions along the way, post them here, or feel free to email me...and we'll move on to the next steps!

It's so exciting to start your own business....but make sure you are well prepared before opening!

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