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Default Usability beats pretty any day!

Hi, I'm so glad to hear people talking about this topic. First of all, I'm almost totally blind so I have no idea which sites are ugly and which ones look good. All I know is, I get REALLY frustrated when I go to a site and my screen reading software can't tell me what's on the page. Sometimes the site is just plain hard to navigate because there's so much stuff to go through on the page before you finally get to the info or link you want. And I know this is true even for people without disabilities.

I built my own website using a design template. Although this was hard to do because of my blindness, I've tried to make my site as usable as possible, both for people with and without disabilities. I don't know if my site's visually appealing or not, but I know at least it's usable. Sure, I still have a couple bugs to work out, but people have given me good feedback so far.

The internet can be a really good source of information as well as shopping and access to the world in general, especially for people with disabilities. But your online experience can become a nightmare when designers create websites that might look pretty but are next to impossible to use.

I don't think a site has to be ugly to be usable, but it would definitely help if designers focused first on the usability of their sites and then let the visual attractiveness be "icing on an already delicious cake".

OK, enough of Maria's B____ Session. I hope I haven't been too tedious here. Thanks, and have a great holiday.

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