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Default More detail...

OK. I am going to reveal a little more of myself here...I want to get to the bottom of this supplemental result issue...

I run a podcast that highlights Independant Christian Musicians. Almost every page is in Google's supplemental index. Is this because of WordPress, or something else?

Here is some further info on the site:

I have made no attempt to optimze this site, and it is using WordPress as its platform.

The domain is about 9 months old. I have been active on it since September of 2006.

The written content is original, although there is some affiliate links for a few of the musicians. Also, there is little written content, as I wanted to keep the bulk of the "product" in the podcast. The blog is more of a quick recap of what happened on the podcast.

I use wordpress as my basic "CMS" on a few other sites, and I am noticing similar results. THe other sites are older than Fresh Worship, though. Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

Thanks in advance...

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