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I have never suffered as a result of changes to the algo. on the contrary the more the algos change the better the sites I have a hand in perform. If you are algo chasing then you will constantly bee algo chasing. The only change I have made to my methods really have been to get more links for dumbo Google's algo.

LSI is coming in more, but as all the copy I use is written naturally the semantics is not an issue. As the incoming AND outbound links are on topic, any change to include LSI can only help these sites. the same with TSPR (topic sensitive pagerank), Local rank (not local search but an algo that checks how many sites within a set locality in your sepr's link to you) all of these things will only help a site that is handled properly climb higher.

Block level link analysis is another element we can expect to see carry more weight, (it is almost impossible to have spammy links carried in the middle of your copy and keep credibility). BLLA will change the way some people handle linking, this is one of the reasons wikis do so well, because their links are on topic and within the body copy.

Shall I go on?

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