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LSI isn't an SEO tactic Honestly you have to change your mindset because if you don't then you are going to be algo chasing for the rest of your days.

I have a website, I built it in 1999, it went into the rankings at #2 out of 33,000. Now it is #1 out of 13 million. I have done nothing to the site other than update the images as and when they were outdated (I can't give the niche away). This is a simple 15 page site and the content has not changed, apart from updating the odd item when the information became out dated, but I am talking a few words per thousand changing. The site attracts backlinks like crazy because the information is good. it naturally uses all the synonyms and LSI related words, it has links in the right paleces, it links to authority sites (of which it is now one). AND it earns a lot.

My point is that if the site is built properly you do not have to worry about the latest 'whats hot n whats not' of algorithms. Take the nose from the grindstone and look up, because there MIGHT be a chainsaw saleman in front of you, but you can't see him as you're too busy sharpenning the axe!

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