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I would take them out and for a walk around their neighborhood, unless they would like to have their dog be a part of a group play time which would be at my home. I would do daily grooming on the dog if taken for a walk, wipe off and clean paws before going into home and daily brushing. If they wanted to schedule a bath for the pup I would bathe them at their home. If the dog has long fur like my Saint, I would brush and dry them (which would all cost extra). I wouldn't want a wet dog left at my home and wouldn't do that to someone else. If I were to bathe a dog I would also offer nail trimming and ear cleaing. Of course I would clean the bathtub (or sink-depending on size of dog) after giving them a bath. I certainly would want to leave dog fur all over. I am a neat freak and hate a dirty house. Obviously depending on the time spent and size of the dog would determine the cost. But I thought it would be nice for people that don't have the time to worry about dropping their dog off somewhere all day and having to pick them up after they get out of work. This way I would be the one doing the work for a reasonable cost. We have a doggie day care where I live, and that does really well but is more expensive and doesn't offer the the grooming.

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