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Thanks!! To respond to some other questions or topics mentioned.
~Yes I will offer pet sitting! I know that we always have a friend come and actually house sit when we go away for a week. (Since we have one huge dog and two cats that love people and hate to be left home alone.) We actaully take the dog almost everywhere we go, unless we fly.
~I am going to start a website, for advertising and starting my services. I will start offering products once I get things go. Gradually offering more. (Which I will offer cat products too, since cats are great pets too. I'd be lost with out my two.)
~About training. I have no professional training with animals. I have read a lot of books. I have a two year old St. Bernard who I still work on something new with him every week. He is a smart boy. I have always had a dog, every since I was a very small child. I have been training and teaching my dogs tricks every since I can remember. I always used to teach horses tricks. I have never been without animals, even though I used to live in the city in a dowtown apartment. I am actaully going to get some professional training on grooming within the next month or two.
~In the state of Michigan you do not have to be certified for most stuff when dealing with dogs. (Grooming and training.) I do plan on being insured, since i will be going into other's homes.

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