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Thanks for the links Logan!

I went last week to Measuring Search Success 2007 - hosted by Chris and sponsored by ClickTracks. I have since registered for the next couple of months to log on to their seminars. IMO, I found the webcast very informative. This is a topic that I am working to expand my knowledge on (web analytics).

I have read Zero Dollars, a Little Talent and Thirty Days, and also found that very interesting.

Some of the content is basic at these free webcasts, and some of it I find more challenging. No matter where my knowledge level is at, I do find that I come away with a tip or two that I can use or store away for when I do need it.

I will be checking out the others that you mentioned (PRweb for sure, as I just posted a question about it in this forum).

I am also a big fan of webmaster radio . I listen to their various shows while I am in the office, or I download the episodes to my iPod for when I am at the gym or on the road.

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