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Red face Pet Industry Trends In 2007

Anita recently created a post at the smallbiztrends site regarding pet industry trends for upcoming year. There are eleven trends posted.

I am particularly fascinated by the growing interest in pet healthcare, and the fact that you are now actually able to purchase healthcare insurance for your pets to cover vaccinations, office visits, testing and surgery. Out of these eleven trends, that seems to be the one that would be most appealing to me.

My second choice would be the acceptance of pet friendly environments. Hotels, campgrounds, and shopping centers are now beginning to accept the fact that our pets are a very important part of our everyday lives. I'm excited about this recent trend and have already benefited from it. I was able to include my dog in my vacation last year as we were able to locate a pet friendly rental property for the week where he was able to join in on the family fun. It really made the vacation special.

I know many of our listeners and readers are pet owners as well. Can you tell me a bit about your pets and which of these trends you are most excited about? Which of these trends really appeals to you as a pet owner? Have you made use of any of these recent trends? Are any of you currently involved in the pet industry as a small business owner?

Also, feel free to post your pets photo on The Small Business Ideas Forum!

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