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Default Experiment Amazon A-stores

inspired by the 30-days + no money series, I created an Amazon clothing shop. I finally had some decent sales last quarter which has inspired me to create an additional site. This time, I am testing out the Amazon A-store with the theme of web development and design books. The a-stores are easier to build than the associate-o-matic product I have been using but I am not sure that the search engines will crawl them the same way. I definitely got 90% of my sales last quarter from search engine queries.

I have opened both a US amazon a-store as well as a UK store. I added a blog for doing book reviews and to post related info.

the A-stores were free. I purchased the domain name for $6.95 and pointed it to a sub directory on my main site. If this works I should be able to replicate it for other topics.

Has anyone else here tried the a-stores? If so, did you implement it as part of a larger site and did you generate sales?

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