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Of the trends, here are two, that I see as having significant growth.

One is low calorie and restricted diet treats/snacks. With the rapidly increasing number of pets that are overweight the low cal treat business has to be booming. Additionally, as with humans it seems that more and more dogs are being diagnosed with allergies and other problems requiring restricted diets, eg wheat-free. Also supplements such as glucosamine are a growth industry.

Second is the trend for pet physiotherapy. For instance, dogs with joint problems such as arthritis, healing from injuries etc are now being referred to specialist physiotherapists. There are heat treatments, therapies in pools, massage and all sorts. I have no idea what setting up in this type of business would entail (what a pun!). The one pet physiotherapist I have heard about, is recommended by lots of vets to owners for pets who would benefit from therapy, and does a really good business.

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