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Default Moving Servers To New Country - Ranking Issues?

*I have posted this same thread in another forum (not at this site) where I gather trusted feedback. Since I trust the advice of many here, I felt it prudent to ask here as well as this is directly related to my daily business*


Alright - time for some feedback from this fine community on this point.

We are about to move our e-commerce "stuff" to our UK office.

Here's a baseline rundown of things:

1 - the servers are moving, so the content on them is going too - all of it - even the non-e-comm stuff for this site I'm told

2 - this site ranks well for competitive phrases in now

3 - it's a North American facing product and will remain so even after the move

4 - it's a .com and will remain so after the move

So, basically, my concern is that moving everything physically to the UK will affect our organic rankings in a negative way.

Our goal is to move all e-comm related functions to our UK office.

My personal concern is that any rankings we currently enjoy will be degraded by basing NA-facing content in the UK, and future efforts at optimization and rankings will be hurt because, again, it's located in the UK but targeting North Americans.

Help me understand the issues here gang and build my case internally - either way. If it's a non issue, great. If it will be an issue, I'm totally cool pulling the cord to brake the train, as it were...

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