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You brought up a good point - and one I should clarify:

We're not "geo-targeting" with this product, as such. We don't seek individuals by location, just individuals who want this product in NORTH AMERICA.

To me, that is not geo-targeting, but I might be splitting a hair there - not sure...

Perhaps my solution is to see if the e-comm components can reside in the UK, but the actual articles/content form the main site can remain here in North America?

See, if I could even see us moving the whole thing back in 2 -3 years, I wouldn't worry so much. BUT, so much can change in that time that a move like this could frag the viability of the site in the North American organic results.

I HATE "business reasons" for needing to make changes like this... I know why we're doing it, and as a (small) owner in the company I agree with the thinking, but as the guy charged with all things SEM, it poses problems for me...

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