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Hey Logan and SBB Members -

Thanks for the positive review and I thought I would address some of the specific points that you brought up.

The first that you mentioned, was that you were weary of the number of sites on the network. As of now, we have over 1000 sites on the network with around 600 of them serving in excess of 100 impressions a day. However, becuase we offer a wide range of categories and keyword targeting, there are certain niches that have fewer sites than others. We launched December 1, 2006, and are slowly adding sites to the network (around 30 a day), with most being smaller blogs and startups. You can expect the targeting and quality of the sites to increase as the network expands and grows.

We have verified that we are in compliance with Adsense by contacting them directly and this recent post by Jennifer Slegg:

further discusses Adsense's new policy and what kind of sites are allowed. You just need to make sure that you take some steps to ensure that adgridwork ads are distinguishable from Adsense ads.

Finally, we are in no way a competitor to Adsense or any other CPC/CPM advertising network. The primary purpose of adgridwork is to help sites promote their content and spread the word about themselves. In actuality, its probably a good thing to use our service in conjunction with Adsense (or any other PPC campaign) because:

adgridwork = more traffic (hopefully
more traffic = the potential for more CPC conversions
more CPC conversions = more $$$

Thus, for the site that wants to donate a small portion of their page real estate to advertising, provides a viable and simple method of converting this real estate into traffic.

If you have any other questions or comments about the service, please feel free to respond to this thread and Ill address them all.


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