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One clear trend I see is my dogs eating more and me needing sturdier poop-scoops. Icey poopsicles and crappy plastic = more trips to the store for more crappy crap-scoopers for the dog run...

Seriously, I read some stats last year that said basically, that in 2006, people would spend about $3.2 billion on their kids in North America during 2006...and roughly $5.1 billion on their pets.

I know there is simply nothing that would stop me from spending (fill in the blank) on my dogs if they needed it.

Pet insurance has been around for a while now. I'm starting to see the "cremated with you" and "buy a plot for Spot" type campaigns surfacing again at the local shops and vet. (Whatever happened to burial out by the old oak tree they used to pee on every morning?)

One of the benefit plan options available through my wife's plan administration company now allows "Pet Benefits" to be included with your own benefits plan at work - they didn't take this option as part of their mix, but the bottom line is the provision is there.

Same-sex partnerships have long suffered when it comes to spousal benefits, yet relatively quickly the companies offering coverage are exploiting our desire to "cover" our pets... (not intended to spark a political debate - just saying it's a sad fact).

I think this type of coverage is limited to only cats and dogs right now, but man, it makes me laugh when I think that someday that Malibu Rum commercial might have merit - "My feesh is sick..." *as the man strokes his "trout/sea bass while sitting on the bus...*

Doggie massage - this falls into the manicure/pedicure fold for me - they're dogs, not people - yet, this end of the industry will grow and flourish - heaven forbid an owner actually give their own dog a rub-down...

What I'd like to see emerge as a trend in this industry is a crack-down on the crap chain stores purporting to be Pet Shops. I have a local Pets Unlimited, and other than buying food for one of my furry-crap-machines there, I avoid it completely.

Those stores are completely devoid of actual on-the-floor knowledge of the products they sell, or of the animals they sell. The prices for their dogs are shockingly inflated, yet every week I meet someone who just got the cutest beag-a-lab-a-doodle "purebred" there for $1600 - what a bargain!

Standards - there's a trend that should show up - enforced standards.

Other than that, we'll all still happily pay $15 for a dog toy "designed" to last "tough chewers" for "months", yet somehow my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Diva, pictured to the left) can show me "bits" of said toy before the last log dies in the fireplace the same evening. What the heck are they evaluating these products with? Sock puppets?

Naturally, the next day, I'm back at the local shop (not PU) buying a replacement that I vowed to "watch her with..."...LOL

Whatever, she's my gal - nothing it too good.

Wow - I think I went more off-topic there than a kilt at a fashion show...*sorry*

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