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Lightbulb Sounds Exciting . .

I don't have any specifics about the area you speak of but the first two businesses which came to my mind were.
1. Day care center
2. Income tax business

Why . .?
Low income areas usually have children, working class families. Since they are low income they must likely qualify for benefits such as child care. That covers you with the daycare expenses.
Also income tax business because again the children and the fact that the majority of the income tax returns you prepare will be simple returns.
They have no property, no business thus no shedule c or a etc.
So, basically at tax time you will be preparing a bunch of tax returns under 40,000.00 and most likely the earned income on the majority of the returns will be even lower than that.
Thus, qualifying them for Earned Income Credit/child and dependant care credit and additional child tax credit. Which ensures that they can afford your tax preparation fees.

After all service is the best business.
Hope I helped

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