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I responded to your post on your blog about my typical industrial client not being marketing oriented let alone internet savvy. Someone suggested I take a look at Yelp and I thought, "Yikes! What's Yelp?"

I dutifully took a look and it's a Citysearch clone with a blog feel. Would my client's benefit from participating? It's hard to say. This whole social bookmarking thing requires one to be social. I'm sociable but not social. I don't even read blogs outside my business interests, yet I have a blog. Why? I wanted to experiment with this whole internet thing.

But is Internet Marketing even a necessary strategy for all businesses? A number of VPs at companies I talk to only need to maintain a conversation with their current customers. They don't want to be ranking in the search engines. Should I push pay-per-click ads or social linkbait? A blog might be a better solution for creating stickiness.

Without established marketing goals and performance indicators in place, it's all just theory. My friend Michael Martinez ( has been advocating this of late: Experiment, Evaluate, Adjust.

Good advice.

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