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Great article jenn!!

I think part of this discussion has roots where the eyeballs are. I've always said that I am not loyal to google, yahoo and microsoft live ... but instead targeting where the people are looking/searching which are these search engines. With the tech sector in particular, I agree that social sites are now more important than y/m but google is still the most important. Outside of tech, I think it still goes google, yahoo, msn and then other industry related sites in general. Some times, within specific industries there are sites that outweigh y/m - but based on my experience there is a (big) difference between someone who searches for 'blue widgets' from google vs someone visiting for the same from digg, a blog or forum. If anything from my end, I think it is important that conversation is happening about non search methods of marketing. Nothing new though, just the amount of eyeballs moving is different.

In your situation Nicolette, I think something is off with communication when someone says they don't want to rank in search. I do agree that is not the medium to have the conversation you mention. To me it should happen where those visitors are, either the companies site (by incorporating the appropriate communication within a blog, forum or some other tactic) or an email newsletter within their inbox. Having to 'maintain a conversation with their current customers' is a ceo thing to say based on my experiences. What does that mean? I would have them explain what that would consist of and have them provide some scenarios as examples - then decide is this something appropriate for a blog, forum, newsletter, social site, press release, etc. ... or maybe the best medium isn't a blog or online but direct communication such as customer service, feedback, market research, focus groups, etc. To me, these social sites have far less to do with having a 'conversation' than getting noticed... and that is a very short notice - versus the long term rankings of organic search. That's a big difference to me, I still would rather rank for my keywords in yahoo and for years rather than get dugg for a day.

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