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Originally Posted by Nicolette View Post
Someone suggested I take a look at Yelp and I thought, "Yikes! What's Yelp?"

I dutifully took a look and it's a Citysearch clone with a blog feel. Would my client's benefit from participating? It's hard to say.
Hi Nicolette,

I'm a big fan of Yelp. You're underestimating it with that description. :-) It's more like Flickr, but instead of photos the "currency" is user reviews (of businesses, restaurants, hotels, etc.) You kinda have to go look at the San Francisco/Bay Area community page to see what Yelp could become if it were to gain traction. Yelp is one of the places where small businesses really should have their eyes open, because it's an active site for user reviews. I also think/hope Google will buy Yelp, because Google needs to add its own user reviews to Google Maps, rather than getting them from Yahoo et al.

Jenn wrote:

Guess what...regular everyday people use Yahoo and MSN. (they use Google too, but they still use Yahoo and MSN.)
I wish I'd gathered up the stats from my Performancing Metrics account (which is now shut down), but the #1 local search referrer to my blog was variously-worded searches for "submit to MSN Local". It wasn't even close. It was like 5- or 6-1 with searches for getting a small biz listed on MSN over getting it listed on Google (or Yahoo).

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