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Originally Posted by fo6dm View Post
hmmmm.....with that thought in mind, why wouldn't my (child tupperware) page be working as it is a link from the mother Tupperware page? is that something different? i do pay tupperware a monthly rate to have the website...which includes all the catalogs and they do supposedly submit our sites to search engines monthly.....but now im thinking why pay them when i could create my own. but, then again i need the catalog options that they offer. i do have my own page that i have been working on. that way i don't have the restrictions that tupperware sets. all i know is that tupperware has been online only 2 years....and there is a lot of opportunity that some have already figured out how to get....i mean they are on top (because of internet sales)....and i want to figure that out too!!!!
Check your agreement, you can not have your own homemade website. Tupperware wants you to only go through them. You will not rank well utilizing their websites because the submit as a whole company, for others to find you through them, a zip code must be entered for your website to appear. You need to advertise your direct url out there to do well.

The ones that are doing well with internet sales you will find are selling on eBay, (also against policy and rules), and/or have built a personal site, I have found several of them, where they are bargain basementing the product which helps them in their quota for high sales or challenges.

Not trying to burst your bubble, just trying to help.


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