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Default It does make sense.

Adding some extras to sales to such customers really does make sense. But please don't ever treat it as any "thank you". Unless your products aren't worth buying. I've worked recently with some great guy on the same issue since my company didn't know what's up with our customers (they started to act towards our company as donators).
Some straightforward talks later we have changed our communication. We were still adding extras but we put effort to make it "out of product" by asking: what our customers will need after they buy from us - in consequence. I'm from Poland and I work as a marketing director for civil engineering company. Our customers always turn out to have new needs in order to make the most of their new investment. And thanks to Tomek our extras are not "thank you" now - it's now the matter of our offer - better than others propose. Works!
Tomek is Tomasz Zgliczynski-Cuber from CODES Consulting. The best marketing strategist I've ever work with. And I've seen some as yet. I do not know if you can do any profit out of my post because he's from Poland just like me and I really don't know if he can work overseas or by Internet. But maybe reading my 'case' would cause something interesting occur to you.

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