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Thank you, Matt & Zoobie! It's a great pleasure to be here. This is a happy day for me.

Zoobie - Island of Seven Cities is an interesting book, if you like history and archaeology. The author is trying to prove that some ruins he finds on a Canadian mountaintop were built by his ancestors (the Acadians) but, in the end, he concludes that they are the ruins of an ancient Chinese settlement. This is in accord with that rather famous book 1421 that came out several years ago and was given such an impassioned reception by the public.

Some people think the concept of Chinese discovery is complete nonsense. Others are convinced it is true. I would categorize myself as a very eager student as far as this is all concerned and I recently spoke with the Island of Seven Cities author. He says that a dig is about to begin at the site, so the outcome will either be that he was correct or way off base. I can hardly wait. I love these real-life mysteries!

Again, I thank you and Matt for the welcome! I hope my contributions will live up to the quality of SEG.

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