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Need much more information.

Are you subcontracting?
Using an employment agency?
How did you come uo with the $20 man-hour rate?
What is the average pay rate for someone doing this for you? (ie how much do you pay them)
Will you want to provide helath benefits for employees at some point?
What insurances are involved? (Workmen's Comp, malpractice, liability)
Is your home your office or do you rent space?
Who covers travel expenses?
What business classification are you listed as? (SP, LLC, Corporation)
Whats your marketing budget?
How do you market?
Who handles administration?
Is there licensing involved?
Have you prepared a business plan or a strengths and weaknesses analysis so you can define roles in the management of the company?

I'll stop there before you get overwhelmed. No one on the internet is going to assess your individual business needs. That's not to say someone reading wouldn't be qualified to do so, but the process is extensive and as a business owner you need to grab the bull and do the research yourself and/or have the budget to hire professionals to make it happen. I know that sounds harsh but if you are shooting for the big leagues you wouldn't find too many passive people floating in the pool.

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