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Thank you so much for replying. First I will tell you that I am on to something very big here in my area but I feel like I have done as much as I can on my own and now I need to figure out how to go farther. I will be glad to answer your questions.
1. Are you subcontracting? No
2. Using an employment agency? No
3. how did you come up with the $20.00 man - hour rate? Clients purchase hours from me. If they purchase in 5 hour increments it is $20.00 per hour. If they purchase 1 hour at a time then it is $25.00 per hour. All of my clients purchase 5, 10 20, 40 hours at a time. I also charge a .50 per mile fee. All the hours are paid in advance. I pay my employees $9.25 per hour plus .48 mile reimbursment. I should be paying them more but right now I cannot do that. I called different business in the valley that did something comparible to me some charged less and some charged more. I am in the middle price range based on the research that I did.
4. I would love to offer medical insurance to my employees if possible.
5. What insurances are involed? I have liablitliy, workmans comp and pay $150.00 per month.
6. Is your office out of your home or do I rent a space? It is in my home for now but I would love to rent a space when the time is right.
7. Who covers travel expenses. I reimburse mileage at .48 per mile
8. What busines classifiaciton are you listed? LLC
9. Whats your marketing budget? Over the past year I have experienced many different marketing stratagies. As of right now I am advertising in the Joy magazine and in the Senior Views. The total cost for these per month is 200.00. The joy magazine comes out once a month and is in every doctors office, coffee table, and most any place you go. It has a life span of 30 days. That seems to be the most cost effective and the least exensive.
10.Who handles the administration? I do.
11. Is there licensing involved? As of now -- no
12. Have your prepared a business plan or a strengths and weakness analysis so you can define roles in the management of the company? I know this is crucial. I took a business class and it all about the business plan and I got so discouraged and over whelmed that I never completed it.
13. I do have a bookkeeper who does all of my payroll and taxes.

Like you said -- I need a budget to hire the professionals to make it happen. What are the professionals called and how do I get in touch with them. If I knew the money that it would take I could at least budget that in or chew off little bits at a time until I am where I would like to be.

Thanks again for your time.

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