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Hi Peter,
I have so many visions for my business and they are very realistic but getting there is my problem. At the current time I manage 200 homes in a HOA. I work Monday thru Friday in an office by myself. I manage the two employees while I am there and take phone calls from clients while I am there plus do my job and then at 1:00 I have appointments with my clients that I care for and I don't get home sometimes until 6:00 or 7:00 pm and then make sure everyone is suppose to be where they need to be the next day. That job pays me $20.00 per hour so it is hard to just quit although I KNOW that I need to choose one or the other and I choose my business that I turely believe in and it makes a difference in other peoples lives. I am not afraid of work and I know it is going to take work to get there.

So here it goes -- I will try my best to answer all your questions.
1. What do want your business to do for you? I would like my business to support me and my husband financially. I would like to be the one sitting in the office managing employees and handeling the calandar and meeting new clients and assigning them a personal assistant.

2. I would like to earn eventually 70,000 per year before taxes.

3. How much time would you like to spend it it? I would like to spend in the office 30 hours a week.

I know there is away to bill insurance for some of the work that we do. I realize it may require hiring a licensed RN or a councelor of some kind and the coding is the secret. However right now it is all private pay and so many people call me and find out that it is 20.00 per hour and I can hear them all most break down because they cannot afford that but they need groceries, transportation and other things as well. If insurance could pick up some of it I would be a millionaire. Well maybe not but I would be doing alot better than I am now.

Thank you for your time.
Sheri Bowers

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