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Wow, Jean, a whole thread named after me. No one's ever done that for me before. I'm really grateful.

No, but seriously ... I'm not sure whether you want to hear more in a thread or in a Private Message. I think the thread is better since more people can jump in and more people can learn something about the topic. However perhaps Admin could somehow change the name for this thread to say, Heritage Ceilings.

I wrote what I wrote because of a knee-jerk reaction I have in looking at any website. One of my hot topics is Product-Driven versus Customer-Centric. I've written lots about that elsewhere and there's an IBM book on it which is good value ("The Customer-centered Enterprise - How IBM and other World-Class Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results by Putting Customers First"). I take it a bit farther than others since I believe it's always difficult to get into someone else's shoes and see the situation as they do. They have had different life experiences and perhaps even come from a different culture. So you will never really be able to think like one of your customers and see your company or its products as they see it.

A great many companies think that if they describe their products and their features well, then this will make the sale. However the customer is looking to purchase a product/service package that will deliver the benefits they are looking for. So you've got to present the information that the customer is looking for.

I was really bowled over by your website, Jean. I'd never thought of doing that to ceilings although I've been around all sorts of stately homes in my native England and seen some incredible work. I assumed it was plaster but that didn't matter particularly. If you tell me many of them were probably tin, well that's OK.

Now I try to think myself into the shoes of someone who has never heard any of this stuff, and happens to end up on your website. The word that really hits you is Tin, Tin, Tin. Isn't that what shanty towns are made of? It's also a cheaper way of packaging food if they don't want to spend a little more and put it in a fine glass bottle that shows off the contents.

I was hesitant to even raise the topic because as I said to quote my favourite Peter Drucker saying, Help is defined by the Recipient. The implications of what I was saying would be fairly large for your home page and for some other web pages. Up front you would just be talking about Heritage Ceilings. You should include there your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), the reason why you're better than the competition, but I don't think that would be too difficult. It would only be for those who were really hooked that you would reveal on another web page the mystery of the miraculous material that was used to create these effects. ("Ssh, don't tell anyone - it's tin")

Well you get the main idea, I had. That's only one person's opinion. What do others think?

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