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Default Crossed Threads to Pay for Click?


I agree with BWelford. If I were looking specifically for Tin ceilings I would be in heaven at your site. If I were looking for a creative way to do ceiling treatments I think I might miss some of what you are selling. Please consider his suggestions carefully.

Who will find your site? Is the audience people who are LOOKING for a Tin ceiling treatment or is it anyone looking to do a creative ceiling?

I will cross the thread barrier here and venture into something I know very little about. (Maybe Bragadocchio can chime in here.)

I think you should consider scraping the Google Ads. I found two on the main page and as many as four on other pages that would take me directly to your competitors. At least it looked like they would, and that is what counts. One click and the customer is gone. You get a nickel (USA bias) and your competitor gets the dollar (sale).

Just my 2 cents

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