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Originally Posted by BossBean
I think you should consider scraping the Google Ads.
I completely agree with this. Unless the ads are creating a nice stream of revenue for you, they are a distraction from the focus of your site: to introduce a customer to the quality of your ceiling designs. Whether they go to your competitors, or just to another URL, they are all designed to lead someone AWAY from your site rather than KEEP them on it.

I have only seen Google ads used effectively on sites that have extremely high volume traffic and that contain informational content. In essence, sites that are not trying to sell a product.

On the subject of optimization, it appears that your site is fully optimized for the term "tin ceilings". So no problem there - the only thing that you might consider is creating some pages that target some other words related to home design that might draw in some more viewers (keywords like "home renovation" or "home design" for example, although more keyword research will doubtless find better ones).

Finally (stop me, I'm rambling) I have a hard time reading the copy on your site. I don't think that it's the background color (which is appealing), I think it is the arrangement of paragraphs. While the copy that you have is well-written, the important points get lost in the middle of large paragraphs of information. Highlighting some of these key points ("unique designs" "quality craftsmanship" "personalized service") and making them into their own paragraphs with headings might really help the overall legibility of the site.

Hope this all helps!

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