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I was previously involved with business consulting that assists brick & mortar businesses in developing an online presence. Before that I was involved with one of the top online gambling portals and owner of several other online businesses including an online poker room. I got into the consulting after the sale of my gaming sites and when Gambling [dot] com was sold. A lot had to do with new U.S gambling regulations, but that is another story.

I had rented a small building in town and started a video game store. I hated it.
I much more preferred online. Since I enjoy a challenge I decided to take on something big. So I turned my b&m over to a friend and decided to take my knowledge of gaming and see if I could compete with the big dogs.
Upon my amazement I found my current domain and thought it perfect for my new challenge.
Few people now know that video games played at home were once called "home computer games".
So perfect.....I have my domain and a bit of to compete.
All excited I completed my BP in record time and was set to go!

One of my first realizations was that it is easier to get someone to gamble $50,000 online than it is to get someone to buy a $50 video game online.

But that was just a slight setback. I learned about product specific targeting and product conversion best practice. And my first year boomed with better than expected sales.
Then comes the economic chaos this year. I fight for each and every sale. I have even included the sale of used games to try and counter the current economics. This has helped and even landed me Google page 1 placements for some of these used game terms.
I must admit if I was paid even a slight amount for hourly work involved I would be a very wealthy man. But that is not the case.

So after 1.5 years, the many endless nights of development and promoting are beginning to show. I can now often be found on the same page with Amazon and the others. I expect another 1.5 years before I can compete on the major keywords. But one thing I do know, I will get there.

I have just recently opened an online arcade, gaming blog, affiliate, and Gaming forum.
The forum is BRAND new as of last week. It is just sitting there waiting to get filled with posts
It seems I have lost my "fill the forum with posts" magic wand though.
Guess I'll have to find the hat that fits for forum manager and put it on.

All in all, the pay is currently low, but the excitement is growing.

Now where did I put my blogging hat?

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