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Default Revamp Your Wordpress Website Without Losing SEO Rankings

The art and science of website Designing and development are changing continuously. If you are planning to redesign your Website but worrying about losing your SEO Rankings. I would Recommend you to Check the following tips.

1 - Pull up the List of pages you get most organic traffic on. While Redesigning your website don't change the content of those pages.
2 - Use 302 Temporary Redirect for the pages you need to close for the time being
3 - If you had URLs like .com/index.html you need to use permanent 301 Redirect to redirect it .com/
4 - 404 broken links should be redirected to the relevant pages.
5 - Meta tags are not the naked elements. You have to keep them same for new layout as well. better to copy them on staging. To make sure they remain same after uploading new website.
6 - Dont keep your website down more then 24 hours.
7 - Remember that your will see increase in bounce rate because your user dont know how to navigate new pages and menu. Give them some time to play with the new navigation and get familiar with it.
8 - Little Fluctuation in rankings is normal. Dont Panic.

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