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Default Free Accounting And Business Software.
So far I, myself, have not had any download or virus problems, but, it is always a good idea to run your own check before downloading.
These programs work well for the most part. I would have to say that my favorite is EZAcct. It worked well for me, but, it has gotten some less-than-glamorous reviews from others. So, I seriously suggesting what works for you. Try a program, and, if you don't like it, simply uninstall and restart.
In all honesty, these are more for people like me - Who know where they want to go, but, are just starting out in the business industry. I have little to no accounting experience, and, they make it easy for me.
The only problem comes in when you have a unique product that doesn't fit into some groups. Such as mine, Pastries, didn't really have a category, so, I fit it in as best as I could, and, edited it to fit my needs.
Also, you need to KNOW. The fiscal year, and a lot of other things. It can get very detailed, and, if you don't know, you will have gaps. Also, knowing a few basics, or having a browser up so that you can look up things and ask questions as needed, can't hurt anything. The point is, you either need to know what it's asking about or you need to be able to find out. I found that when installing my favorite program, there were a lot of gaps and I was continually running back and forth from my mother and my computer, trying to figure out where to put what and what to do with what. I'm pretty sure that you can leave blanks and come back and fill them in later, but, I don't really know, as, when I did it, I was able to fill everything in.
There are a few programs for the business savvy, also. Lazy8 Ledger is a program on the site. I have not used it, and, you might want to look up the reviews for yourself, as, because I have no use for it, I have not looked into it. However, it does sound, and say, that it is more for those that can do it by hand but would prefer not to; For those that know what they are doing.
There are also Proposer Writers (Creates and Prints, etc.), Invoicer (Creates and Prints), BillQuick, Spreadsheet Programs, Business Templates, etc. So, there are tons of things for you to use.

Well, if you're a business like me, low on funds and not even looking to pay for software, but, wanting some nonetheless, look into these links, and, take a spin.

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