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Sadly you cant directly remove a review from Google, but there is certainly a way you can try to remove bad reviews.

Google has certain policies for reviews. If a user doesn't like a review, he can FLAG review. Once you FLAG a review, a form will pop up and you will have to submit it. Google will review your request and if they find your request authenticate they will remove the review.This process might take 2 to 3 days

The process to FLAG a review

Navigate to Google Maps.
Search for your business using its name or address.
Select your business from the search results.
In the panel on the left, scroll to the “Review summary” section.
Under the average rating, click [number of] reviews.
Scroll to the review you’d like to flag and click the flag icon.
Complete the form in the window that appears and click Submit button.

Just make sure if Google finds out that it is your business and you are trying to remove negative reviews then google will reject your request to remove a review. So give the smart answer while submitting that form.

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