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Hey Jax...just when you think you've gotten away...we suck you back in!

What I'm really looking for in a small business to profile (and I have one or two already) is a backstory with personality. The thing that made the 30 day project go over so well is that it wasn't had humor, it had real life, it was something that people could relate to. (Like the time my realtor gave me like an hour's notice on showing my house and I had to get myself, the kid and the dog out while still hitting my

So, when people write in to suggest their business, they need to tell me as much about themselves as they do about the business. Obviously I'm going to have to turn down the greatest portion of requests, which kinda stinks...but the folks that catch my eye on that first email will definately get me interested in diging a little deeper to see what the possibilities are.

And I've had several generous offers to pitch in with consulting services and some products. I'll be getting back to everyone on Monday, but it's really exciting to see the community ready and willing to help.

I'm REALLY looking forward to this project, I think it might end up being even more fun than the 30 day one was.

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