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Default We are mainly a consulting business

We mainly do operational efficiency consulting and about 1/3rd of the time, we also do the implementation.

I have worked in the telco industry for a long time, and have made many connections within the industry over the years, so most of my business comes from those contacts. I am just now starting to create a web presence.

Basically how it works, is we study an organizations operations (so far mainly in telco or high tech / call center category but this applies anywhere), identify where inefficiencies exist and consult on improvements.

The key billing method that has worked amazingly well for me is the performance related billing. - What I mean by that is I don't charge any upfront money to the business. Once we've identified the opportunity for streamlining or improving process/technology, we calculate the potential benefit of making the suggested changes.

If it's a go, the first thing we do is ensue we have an acceptable (both to us and the client) way of measuring and tracking success. (be it a decrease in call volume for contact centers or a decrease in application support/integration costs, whatever).

We then bill the client based on a percentage of what he is gaining. So if the improvements we've done don't translate into direct benefit for the client, the client doesn't pay us a dime.

As most medium-large sized businesses as run incredibly inefficiently it's a piece of cake to find opportunities.

Brings out confidence and trust from the client, as well as increases volume because there is no risk other than time on the clients' part.

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