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Originally Posted by SpongeBob13
This will be my last post on this thread about my thoughts (and perhaps other Start Up's thoughts?) on the exercise.
Don't stop. I know I for one appreciate your input.

Robert - Care to share how Patrick got in that jam??? 2 x 4 nailed to the forehead?
LOL. I think it's from the episode where he helps rebuild SpongeBob's house.

I concur with your comments about building name or brand as the case may be. However this formula isnít a fit all. Giving it a quick thought, seems like a great formula for the cottage or niche business out there.
True. It's not a fit all.

Do you think got started this way? In my industry, itís not too applicable.
I'm not familiar with so I checked their site and it looks like they are a huge company that sells parts and upgrades for cars. There are a ton of car enthusiast sites, forums, and blogs out there. If I was in that industry with no starting budget competing against a giant, consistently hitting those forums, blogs, etc. is exactly where I would start.

Just using this forum as an example, if you were regularly here and I needed a special light or something for my car, I'd feel more comfortable purchasing from you than This is because I'd be more familiar with you.

Keep in mind, I'm not a car guy and I'm not certain that is the industry you are in so I'm kind of shooting in the dark here.

CafeExpress + Quality Pre existing BLOG Contacts + Small Biz/High GPR Rank Backlinks + etc. are ingredients that are key to the recipe!
And all of the key ingredients are free.

Anyone can set up a CafeExpress shop, post comments on quality blogs, and submit articles (including your byline and link to your site) to high quality sites.

So, now you have the recipe and the ingredients. For free.

And that's just one recipe. There are plenty of other approaches.

I'll let the others answer the questions addressed to them, with the exception of....

The Industry Folk would like to believe it looks like thisÖ

Content - 90%
SEO Tuning - 10%

Current Reality is -

Content - 10%
SEO Tuning - 90%
No, the reality is content is more important than the SEO tuning. Don't get me wrong, SEO is important, but not 90% of your time important. (Ironic that the SEO/SEM people are the ones saying "throttle back your SEO time" )

Isn't Jenn demonstrating that SEO Tuning is key? The greater the success of the exercise the more this is demonstrated!
No. She's showing that a multi-pronged, bootstrapped marketing approach is working. This isn't all about SEO. It's SEO, PPC, Viral Marketing, Networking, etc, etc.

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