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Default How My Blog Went From 5 Views A Day To 1,000 Overnight

I had something interesting happen on my blog the other day. This is my personal blog, not a business one, but I think the takeaways are still relevant.

I like to write about music, movies, comic books etc. pretty much anything that interests me. To celebrate the start of June, I put together a list of trivia and fun facts about some of the greatest albums released in June. The article took less than an hour to write and post. I shared it once on StumbleUpon, then went to bed.

Well to my surprise, the post had received well over 1,500 views in one day! This is coming from a website that would get maybe 5 or fewer views a day.
Now granted, this was a post focused on a general topic like music, but what can we learn from this that we can apply to our business blogs?

1. Be Timely: A post that celebrates great albums released in June, that is posted on June 1st, certainly helps in grabbing people's attention. Try to write posts that relate to an upcoming event or holiday.
2. Did You Know...: We see it all the time on sites like Buzzfeed and Cracked. People love to learn something while they are entertained. While you might not think you have an interesting product or service, there may be some interesting history that a potential customer would like to read about.
3. Share Your Posts: All I did was share my post once on StumbleUpon, but you need to be sharing your content through as many networks as possible.

What other takeaways can be gleaned from this experience?

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