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Default Copy Or Product? Answer: The Market

People buy things for emotional needs, meaning desires not actual needs.
That emotional void creates the desire to buy and is never fulfilled by just the
purchase of a product itself. The problem with having a good product is that
it isn't really even a factor until after the purchase.

Think about the cola wars, Coke versus Pepsi; in blind taste tests Pepsi
comes out on top. Yet people still buy more Coke. Let's take it even further
Royal Crown Cola (R.C. Cola) a young upstart company beats both Coke &
Pepsi hands down in blind taste tests - just give it more time for the word to
get around, right? After all this fresh company with the amazing tasting cola
has only been around since 1905!

But wait... there's more! Think back to the 80's when Coke released
their "better" product New Coke. Taste tests showed that this new formula
overwhelmingly beat both Original Coke & Pepsi; tasters were even asked if
they would purchase the drink if it were Coke and most said yes although
they admitted it would take some getting used to. Yet - not long after the
new and improved product was released, it bombed! Even with world
class marketing & advertising.

They couldn't even sell a better product - to their own customers!!
Even amazing copy can fail if you are not in tune with what your market
wants, not needs but wants.

I was recently reviewing some of the best copy of all time, one ad read:

Are You Too Thin?
For only 15 minutes a day's practice in your own room upon
special exercises I will give you, you can be round, plump,
wholesome, rested and attractive.

A testimonial from that same ad reads -
"Just think, Miss Crocroft, I have gained 25 pounds."

How well do you think that same copy would pull today?

Copy? Product? I'd rather have a clear understanding of the market any day.

The market is first, foremost and always.

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