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Sorry, Ross, this sounds like an ad.

Is there a SEO strategy for a site to advance in terms of traffic apart from contacting you? Sure, there is a whole list of what you check, but hey, you could have dwelled more on this, since this is an article, not a promo.

It is amazing how such an article sneaks into SEG. Anyone moderating? I'd like to get one like this myself

Just in case someone is reading this, here is what you can do when you are on a budget:
- define the list of your most important keywords (research a thesaurus yourself, talk to your customers, check out competitors)
- go to or and enter those keywords into the search queries.
- get as many 3-5 keyword phrases with your major jeywords as you can (you can do that with the free trial versions, but if you want to do it fast, you can pay around $30-50 a month)
- have the data in separate files
- filter the list for keyword phrases with the same keywords in each file
- find the phrases that are the most relevant to your business, but which are not competitive (high traffic) - the key component here
- find the keyphrases that are found in both files
- write content, aimed to help your visitors, based on the less competitive phrases that can be found in both files
- write content, based on other, less competitive phrases

You may as well adjust your existing website copy to include the less competitive phrases as well - just make sure the text is readable (written for the humans, not the search engines).

The above technique only costs your time and under $50 (optionally) if you are lazy or impatient.

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