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Well I'm not sure about ruling the world, though I don't think men rule the world either.

I am very happy to see women being able to move out of the kitchen so to speak and into the workforce. Hopefully one day we can get that equal pay thing worked out.

I think women will do just as well and as poorly as men have done and will continue to do. There are some truly amazing women in the world who I think will achieve much well deserved success. I'm sure there will be women who will fail miserably too. My guess is if we compare the percentages it'll work out pretty close to the success and failure of men.

I'm one who think it's more about the individual than any way you can categorize that individual.

The sad thing though, is I just got finished arguing with someone on another forum who believed women shouldn't be allowed at all into the workforce. It was hard for me to understand how an attitude like that could still exist today, but sadly it does. I won't go into the specifcs, but let's just say this person's views were somewhat Neanderthal. And you might be happy to know I have about a dozen posts defending the talent and ability of women everywhere.

Maybe you should rule the world. Can't do any worse than we men have done.

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