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About your facebook fans, I have a few questions.

1. Sometimes I want to start a new facebook page and it requires 25 fans to reserve the page name. Do you have any fee and service for just 25 fans? I'd pay a few bucks to be able to receive 25 likes on a new page within a day so I can set up my name.

2. What is the value of the facebook fans? It seems the 1000 fans would be fake accounts, or people who somehow were paid to like the page and not real people. If these were in any way qualified leads, then it would surely be beneficial. If I knew that 1% of these "fans" would convert into sales, I would buy as many as you have available.

3. My facebook page is For your design service, would you basically just take the home page from my website and rework it for the Facebook page? Or is there something more involved?

I am asking because I have seen a similar service advertised for under $50 and I would like a better understanding of what you offer, and what I should look out for with a cheaper service.

Thanks for your time.

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