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Default Create Your First Logo — Without Spending A Fortune

Over at Small Business Trends, Anita recently created a post titled: Tips from the Professionals for Creating Your First Logo — Without Spending a Fortune.

I thought I'd share this article with you because it outlines all of the essentials to think of when creating a logo that doesn't hurt your pocket book in the long run - like when it comes to printing costs, fonts, colors used, etc.

The article gives great advice to the "do-it-yourself" entrepreneur for creating the perfect logo.

Here's a peek:
Avoid logos that bleed off the edge of the paper. Bleeding means that the ink (any portion of any ink) runs to the very edge of the finished piece. Consequently, the printer is required to print the piece oversized and then trim back to the final size. Although you may like the look, there is usually additional cost involved in printing. . .

The graphic design doesn’t have to depict your product or service, but should be something easily recognizable when connected with your company name. . .

If your logo will represent a more traditional, formal business such as a law office or accounting firm, you’ll want to select a design that is reflective of your profession. Animated skiers racing over the letters in your company name will probably not be the image you wish to project. Consider reviewing other logo designs within your industry. Although you’ll want to create something that stands out, you may find examples of what you love or hate when reviewing your competition. . .
There's so much to be learned, be sure to link over and read the entire article.

Staci Wood | Small Business Trends Radio | Small Business Trends
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