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Originally Posted by Social-Media View Post
It is advertiser competition. And you should NOT use it for organic competition.

Use the tool for keyword research. Then if you want to know organic competition go to Google and do searches for:

intitle:"my keyword phrase" (shows # sites with exact phrase in title)
inurl:"my keyword phrase" (shows # sites with exact phrase in URL)
intitle:"my keyword phrase" inurl:"my keyword phrase" (shows #sites with exact phrase in both title and URL)

allintitle:my keyword phrase (shows # sites with all keywords in phrase somewhere in title, not necessarily same order)
allinurl:my keyword phrase (shows # sites with all keywords in phrase somewhere in URL, not necesarily same order)
allinanchor:my keyword phrase (shows # sites with back links that contain all keywords in search phrase somwhere in the anchor text, not necessarily in order)

These will give you a MUCH better picture of the organic competition. Just because you search for my keyword phrase or "my keyword phrase" and get back millions of results does NOT mean it's competitive. The majority of those sites many only contain some of the keywords form the search phrase or may have simply mentioned the exact phrase in passing. They are likely not trying to rank for that phrase.

But sites that have that EXACT phrase in the title, in the URL, in the title and URL... or all of those keywords from the search phrase somewhere in the title, URL, or link text... are likely TRYING to rank for that phrase. These are your "real" competitors.
Hey Thanks for reply!
I like you answer, but don't you think its very time consuming process, if i want to select 25 keyword out of 100, then i have to do all stuff manually!
Do you know any tool which will help me for fast keyword selection

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