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That's very interesting.

I think that creating a better email marketing can work from a few tips.
1. Building Email List

All email lists should be directed to targeted people who want to read what you have to offer. The best way of getting good email lists is to offer prospects something in exchange for their email addresses. Basically, free resources!

2. Best practices for email content

Every email should circle on excellent content for your targeted audience and email respondents. The text should be as less promotional as possible, especially in the case of the first email. Instead, marketing specialists should focus on nurturing leads and communicate the real value of their products.

3. Text versus Images

Pay attention to images as certain email settings block any images from emails sent. Choosing a plain text version might be safer in this situation, but it is not the best solution: 88% of the people responding to the survey conducted by HubSpot prefer to receive HTML emails from companies, compared to only 12% who prefer plain text.

4. Always having the "Unsubscribe" Button

In any company, every customer can have the choice to subscribe or continue to buy / not to buy the product. It is better to let your email listings have the choice to unsubscribe as well as it lets them have free choice in mind. This can also help in measuring which emails are effective and are accepted by your email listings.

For more information, go check out this article!

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