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I'm not sure there is an exact answer out there for your scenario, but more of a case where you need to play around with various methods of attaining the data you are after.

I have just posted a direct mailer to my local area and would like to reduce the mailing list by finding out who actually is considering purchasing a new copier in the next 6 months.

For example, I want to eliminate those who have just purchased one.
You simply need a list of everyone who has purchased one, but that list is probably not available. If so you could simply cross reference another list with your data universe and you would have what you are after. Is a list of those who recently purchased your product available? If not you are left with the option of doing surveying yourself. Could you tie it in with an offer. For example, co-market/research it with an office supply store. Answer our questions and you'll get a $25 gift certificate and be entered to win a free copier given away. You could gain confidence/credibility by associating yourself with a 'popular' local office supply store. They could gain promotion with the gift certificate offer. etc.

With that in mind, get a database with your full universe. Start surveying calling, followup with the offer, send a direct mailing, issue press release on results, and follow up with sales. The synergy between all would be beneficial if done so the potential customer is exposed to your message via a variety of mediums.

Those are a few of my thoughts for starters. Not sure what the right answer is though.

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