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Originally Posted by sutisoft123 View Post
HI All,
I have a website hosted on https Server i.e, If a New visitor login with my website the domain name will be chaged with the code to ..... soon etc. all subdomains will be same as Main Page. Is that a spam, If it is how can i make them not to Index with Google by using robots.txt File.Please give me a good Suggestions.
Good question, and it is an important one. As the others have said:
1. If you want to do this for SEO reasons, the pages should not require logging in to be visible. Things like email should be private of course.

2. On each subdomain, the content should not be the same as on the main domain. This includes title/keywords/description. Menu text should be fine if duplicate (Home, About, Login/Register etc.)

3. Each subdomain is treated like a different website in googles eyes. This can be good and bad for SEO, it really depends on how you implement this. If you're looking to sell the domain and want a high alexa rank, I recommend not using subdomains and keeping everything like

4. If you want to not index them with robots.txt, then this robots.txt should be on each subdomain when created:

# robots.txt for
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Hope that helps!

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