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See, here's the thing about "more important than Yahoo/MSN."

It's not so much that people don't use Yahoo and MSN, it's that people in the tech industry do not use Yahoo and MSN.

Why would you be surprised that most of the search traffic to your SEM blog or to your hardware review site comes from Google? How many search marketers or tech savvy types are searching at Yahoo and MSN?

On the other hand, let's say that you're a big box retailer or a niche fashion site or, umm...a dentist.

Guess what...regular everyday people use Yahoo and MSN. (they use Google too, but they still use Yahoo and MSN.)

Again, it's knowing your audience and knowing the demographics of different sites and then targeting accordingly.

I have an aunt that used to be city income tax director. Her husband is a bank manager. They are both intelligent people and spend a few hours a day online. My uncle is an eBay nut, my aunt loves email and news and shopping. The other day, my cousin mentioned someting about Google.

The response?

'What's Google?"

We've got to stop assuming that everyone in the world thinks and searches like us. They don't.

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